Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Transition to Spring

I bought a dress recently (which you'll see in an upcoming outfit post) that really inspired me. Right now we're in a bit of a fashion black hole. It seems silly to keep buying cozy sweaters but those pretty pops of spring color still seem premature.

A dress like the one below - the same a-line cut as the one I bought - is a fantastic transition piece. I'll be showing you my dress soon but until then, here's a little inspiration on how to style this flatters-every-figure dress three ways.

By grounding this coral dress with classic black, you can get your bright spring color fix while staying warm. Let the sweet Peter Pan collar stick out for extra style points.


Lighten up a little as you breeze into March with a chic striped blazer and trench for layering and a pop of blue to contrast your coral hue.

If you're ready to shed your sleeves, wrap your neck in a chic scarf! Add bold patterned and metallic accessories in rich hues and top it all off with funky baubles. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Fashion OCD: Pretty in Pink

Clearly we are going to see a resurgence of the color pink in 2012. It's showing up in collections all over the place. I've typical only sampled pink on rare occasions. I love my magenta silk shirt and my bright pink blazer from Zara but that was as far as I went with this color - usually associated with little girls and pigtails. Now that pink is coming back in force in shades from pastel to punchy, will you hop on the rosy bandwagon?

Images: Charles HenryJ.Crew Honor Nina Ricci

Friday, January 27, 2012

Fashion OCD: Piamita

Sorry for the late post today, we gave our verdict in court yesterday and it was very emotional and exhausting so I'm one step behind today.

With that in mind, I'd like to take a little mental break with Piamita's resort collection. It's exactly the easy- breezy-yet-sophisticated clothing I'd like to throw on right now and jet off to a private island.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Beauty: Winter Hair Help

Today's post is short. I'm really bogged down with jury duty and work. Thanks for sticking with me. Things will (*fingers crossed) be back to normal next week. Today I was trying to think of something quick and useful to share and this little natural beauty remedy came to mind immediately; because I've told three friends just this week how to do it.

Every winter when the really cold, dry weather hits, my scalp goes crazy. It gets itchy and sometimes (eek) flaky. Well it used to, before I started this little treatment. Any time I feel dry scalp symptoms coming I head to the store for a bottle of vinegar.

What you need:
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar (organic is best)
1 cup cool water

Vinegar. Yes, vinegar, is the key to defeating dry, itchy scalp. Vinegar rebalances the PH of your scalp and restores it to a healthy state. You'll experience relief instantly. Vinegar will also give your hair incredible shine and moisture. It's an inexpensive, natural way to treat a suffering scalp. I know you're wondering; will it smell? The answer is, only while your hair is wet. As you blow it dry, the smell will evaporate.

What to do:
1. Shampoo and condition your hair as usual.
2. Turn off the water and while still standing in the shower and gently pour the vinegar/water mixture over your hair. I part my hair several ways and pour over each section so I really hit the scalp and not just the hair. Using cool water for this step is important to soothe your scalp and close the hair cuticles.
3. At this point, you can  choose to turn on the shower once more and rinse your hair briefly with cool water. However, I always just stop at step two. Leaving the vinegar in your hair has no negative effects and I like to think letting it soak in for about 10 minutes before I blow dry helps the vinegar take effect.

It's as simple as that. I hope this little remedy provides some winter relief for your scalp and remember you get a boost of shine and moisture to boot!

image via

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Product Review: L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil

I love beauty oils. You've seen me talk here about coconut oil and Argan oil- both of which I love and use frequently. Oil is nourishing and restorative. When I received my sample of Mythic Oil in my Birchbox, I was thrilled. L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil is specifically formulated for use on hair. Having only ever tried natural oils (such as rosemary) on my strands, I was interested to try another oil for hair.

The Claim: "For all hair types with a blend of avocado oil and grape seed oil. It leaves hair instantly more supple, tamed and glossy. Immediately absorbed for a lightweight feel and finish."

The Good: As the company claims, this is an incredibly light oil. It has a soft. pleasant scent and you'll find it very easy to apply. The company's website offers a few different ways to apply the oil. I used it on my wet hair from mid-shaft to the ends. And then also used it on another day on my dry hair which the company claims will eliminate frizz. I found that when added to my wet hair, the oil did provide some shine and made my hair supple and soft. The price is very reasonable and lower than many other oils on the market.

The Bad: As with any oil, if you use too much of this product your hair may become weighed down as mine did on one occasion. You'll have to try a few times to find the right amount for your hair. Also, I did not see a decrease in frizz though my hair was soft and shiny with the oil applied. In fact, the time that I added too much oil I saw an increase in frizz and flyaways at my ends.

The Verdict: I liked the product over all, however, I will likely stick to more natural oils such as Argan and coconut oil. I think this would be an especially beneficial product for those with extra-dry hair who want a product for use multiple times per month. Other natural oils may be too heavy for that much use, in which case this product is a great alternative.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January Detox

I struggled with what to post today. I am in the middle of jury duty, today will be my 9th day in court. Needless to say I'm extremely tired and keeping up with work on top of jury duty is a big task. Add to that fact that it was the coldest it's been all winter this weekend, so, an outfit post was not in the cards.

All this got me wondering what I can share in this (often) dreary month that might offer a little inspiration as far mental and physical detox go. As women I think we're all in constant search of radiance - that inner glow of health and confidence - we look for it in beauty products, exercise, and other ventures and sometimes all those hoops we put ourselves through pay off. I decided to let you in on the things I'm doing to achieve a little radiance in my life these days and I hope you'll share with me what you're doing as well!

For the past year I've practiced yoga two to three times each week and it has proved to be an unparalleled way for me to achieve balance and mental ease in my busy life. It also provides a fantastically beneficial way to exercise that is always changing and evolving. I love challenging myself with new poses, sweating out my frustrations, and feeling/seeing the positive effects yoga has on my body inside and out.

This video shows the beauty of well-practiced yoga. It takes years to build up this kind of skill but seeing it in all its glory inspires me to keep at my own practice.

The Beauty Detox:

During the first week of 2012 I finished reading Kimberly Snyder's book, The Beauty Detox Solution. Slowly but surely I've been adding elements of Kimberly's nutritional plan to my life. Her book was a true education for me. It delves into how our bodies use food and why some foods have no place in our diets. The book does all this without becoming too heavy-handed or exhausting to read. I've been drinking Kimberly's  Glowing Green Smoothie for about 7 months now. I've also cut dairy almost completely from my diet, begun taking probiotic supplements, and started eating what Kimberly calls "light to heavy" each day. This is not to say I don't still indulge now and then but I really encourage you to read this book. Even if you can't implement every change she suggests, you'll find a lot in the plan that is manageable and I personally have never had as much energy and as healthy a glow as I have on Kimberly's plan.

Buy the book!

New Motto:

This saying has been so relevant for me lately. It's helped me to remember that there are bigger things to save for and to strive for than what's readily available. Instant gratification isn't everything and sometimes, especially for a fashion/beauty blogger, that's a tough thing to remember. 

What's bringing you radiance this month? 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Fashion OCD: Peplum Party

I like peplum. This is not something I could have ever said before now. It's so girly....it's so vintage-y...it tip-toes the line of costume-y and yet, it's somehow chic and flirty and downright fun. So, here I am lusting after this little flip of fabric and scouring the internet for the perfect peplum specimen. Before you discount this as just another odd fashion trend check out the ladies below. They may change your mind.....

images via

Friday, January 20, 2012

Fashion OCD: Karen Walker for Anthropologie

Karen Walker, known for her perfect blend of just-right tailoring and street-style savoir faire is bringing her covetable designs to Anthropologie in March. Hers is just another of the upcoming fashion collabs that have my heart beating a little faster anticipating the first sign of spring (see also Jason Wu for Target) Here are a few of the looks I'm dying to scoop up:

More Karen Walker for Anthropologie looks, here!

photos via Refinery 29

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Product Review: Revlon Lipstick

I've never been a lipstick girl. However, I am making a concerted effort to become one. One reason for that would be the photo above. What can pump up an otherwise average outfit like a pop of lip color can?

This past summer I stumbled upon a stunning coral-pink hue, Revlon's Moondrops Lipstick in "Persian Melon.," which elicited oohs and ahhs from my boyfriend every time I wore it. Then, last week, I found a gorgeous shade to add some life to my winter-pale skin, Revlon's ColorBurst Lipstick in "Raspberry."

Persian Melon
Both lipsticks claim to bring moisture and smoothness to your pucker and to provide intense, lasting color. These claims are spot-on and, in fact, the staying power of these lipsticks have carried them straight to the top of my favorite drugstore purchases list. I often put a clear, non-sticky balm over the color for added moisture but these lipsticks are wonderful in that they don't dry your lips out when left to their own devices.

You can't beat the price of these lipsticks (under $10). The color is also build-able. If you're color-shy, one swipe will do. Want more drama? Layer it on!

I'm excited to see what other shades catch my eye in the coming months and especially pumped to try Revlon's new ColorBurst Lip Butters which are supposed to be extra-hydrating (infused with Shea and coconut butters) and are advertised to give a medium coverage, high-shine hue that will be ideal for spring. Review to come!

Do you wear lipstick? What's your favorite shade? I'd love to hear from you!

Buy Persian Melon
Buy Raspberry

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Outfit: Creatures of Comfort

{F21 shirt (similar), H&M t-shirt dress (similar here and here) and wool knee socks, Express tights and belt, Urban Outfitters boots, Banana Republic necklace, Francesca Collection earrings, Revlon ColorBurst lipstick in Raspberry}

This past weekend was all about relaxing, cooking, movie-wathcing and hibernating. It was the coldest weekend of this unseasonably warm winter so I played around with cozy separates and layering.

These are some of my favorite boots. I love their utilitarian look. I've found this season that ankle boots are much more versatile than I originally thought. Plus, combining them with high socks is a fun play on proportion.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Fashion OCD: Jason Wu for Target

Normally I don't get up in arms and crazy for designer collaborations but Jason Wu's looks for Target (available Feb. 5th)  have stolen my heart. Everything is so lady-like-yet-of-the-moment. All these super feminine styles for spring are seriously fabulous. Maybe I'm finally getting my wish and we'll all revert back to the 40s style of dress from the movie, The Notebook. No? A girl can dream.....

See more Jason Wu, here!

iamges via

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fashion OCD: Katie Ermilio

I'm smitten with this collection from Katie Ermilio. It embodies that soft, feminine quality I'm dying to embody this spring from the outfits to the soft-yet-defined hair and makeup. I wish I could take each and every piece home. Every look in the lookbook is flawless, naturally, since it was shot by fashion blogger, extraordinaire, Jamie Beck. Here are a few of my favorites:

Happy Friday!

all images via

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Outfit: Merlot

{BCBG coat (old) / Wilfred via Aritzia dress / Joe Fresh tights / Lulu's heels / F21 ring & earrings}

One of my "to-dos" for the New Year (I don't believe in making resolutions) is to try more styles with my hair. So, I tried this easy 'do and instantly fell in love. It literally takes less than one minute to do. As far as the outfit goes, revealing this dress is long overdue. I got it in the fall from Aritzia (a Canadian transplant retailer that landed here in summer - if you come to NYC you must go).

I love all the detail in this dress, especially the fold-over neckline. It's a great touch to add to a staple black dress. I also took the plunge and tried colored tights - which I normally do not like at all - this Merlot-hued pair is understated enough though and they spiced up what would have been a monochromatic look. The little bows on the backs of the heels are a flirty finishing touch.