Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Product Review: Evian Facial Spray

A few weeks ago I made the long 6.5 hour plane ride to L.A. from NYC for work. I was extremely worried about how the flight would affect my skin (giving a presentation with patchy, dry skin is not a good look). So, I snatched up some travel-sized Evian facial sprays for the trip and here's how things worked out.

The Claim: "brings you a natural, handy way to refresh your complexion. A spritz of this neutral pH moisturizing spray will set makeup and revitalize the upper layers of the skin. It can also help remove perspiration, ocean salt, and pool chlorine from the skin."

The Good: The spray kept my face moisturized and soft as promised. It also kept my makeup from running or rubbing off. I found that three sprays over the course of six hours was just the right amount. 

The Bad: No matter how stealthy you are, there is no good way to spray your face with water on a crowded plane. I was by the window and didn't want to squeeze out past the two people next to me to spray so, I turned towards the window and tried not to mist my neighbor. The struggle, however, was worth the benefit.

The Ugly: Nothing!

The Verdict: This is a new must-have for me on long flights. I may even do a preventative spray before I board my next short flight. Anything to combat the stale airplane air!

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